Remote Support
The RemoteNet Program
1 hour response time
Remote and on-site support
Enterprise service at small business rates
Scheduled preventative maintenance

(4 minute demo)

RemoteNet is a proactive network services program dedicated to maximizing network uptime by providing scheduled preventative maintenance. The RemoteNet program is intended to provide your company with a full complement of outsourced IT services. It includes scheduled engineering services designed to proactively handle regular management and preventive maintenance needs, in conjunction with emergency response services.

1 hour response on all service
Remote and on-site support
Virus signature file update
2 hour remote
Monitoring and reporting of the data integrity of backup systems, tapes, and tape drives.
Monitoring and maintenance of
overall network performance.
Desktop support
Installing updates and
Spam and e-mail virus
Management of network security, including scheduled password changes, and
Firewall services with
remote access
Firewall, DHCP, DNS
Secure connection from home
to the office
Free monthly online training of the most used MS applications
Network administration, including adding new accounts, setting up new printers, and more.

Free On-line Training

"I am writing to enthusiastically recommend Direct IT. We have used their service for one year, and have been very happy with their knowledge, responsiveness and professionalism.

The YMCA of Greater Boston has nineteen sites, with over four hundred PC users. We also have several Windows based serves, an IBM I-270 and IBM I-520. We support these devices with three full time staff and one part time staff. Direct IT has been a resource for high level server maintenance, emergency responses and assistance with major projects. Most recently they assisted us with the migration of our Active Directory.They are also assisting us in a migration from Lotus Notes to Exchange and are making recommendations for a new connectivity plan for our branches.

Fixing a problem is generally the easy part, and Direct IT can certainly do this. The real differentiator between Direct IT and other vendors we have used in the past is their ability to transfer knowledge back to the local staff. After each call, the Direct IT staff takes the time to educate our staff and help us build our own knowledge base and skills, so we become reliant on their services.

I would recommend Direct IT as a strong partner for high level support, special project work and consulting."

Craig W. Schultze
Senior Manager, Finance & IS
YMCA Of Greater Boston


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