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This short and easy questionnaire will give you an idea of what level of risk your network may be and how it could affect your business.

1. Passwords

Yes, we use passwords.
We don't bother with passwords. We just hit enter.
Yes, we use passwords. And they automatically expire every 30 to 40 days.
Yes, we do have passwords, they never change and everyone knows everyone else's anyway, including the admin password.

2. User Accounts

I'm pretty good about creating accounts, though I'm never really sure how many licenses we are supposed to have.
I can tell you exactly how many users we have and who they are. I keep an eye on user software licenses.
I'm not sure how to change users. When somebody leaves, their replacement just uses their username and password.
I can create new user accounts, but I don't like to delete anything I don't have to.

3. Backups

We do backups, but I'm not sure if we could really restore from them.
We backup every day, and even restore a few files every now and then so we know it works.
I don't know. I think we back up every day.
We backup every day, have a comprehensive restoration/recovery procedure, and keep copies of tapes off-site in case of disaster.

4. Virus Checking

We have antivirus on every workstation, and only rarely have virus problems.
I don't know what we use for antivirus; I think a virus might be slowing down my PC right now.
We have occaisional virus problems, but most computers have working antivirus software.
We have a centrally managed antivirus solution, updated frequently, and never have virus problems.

5. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

We have a UPS plugged to the critical servers. We have never simulated power loss to see if it will adequately handle the load of the power loss and shut down our Servers. We are not sure if it is managed or not.
We have a UPS, but we are not sure what is connected to.
We do not currently have a UPS in place.
We have a UPS that is connected to our critical server(s), we know that it can handle the load because we have tested it. It is managed and check for Battery life status regularly.

6. Patches

Updates are managed and scheduled to occur and be applied automatically.
Updates are applied randomly or as an irregular practice. It is up to each user to click "Yes" when prompted.
Windows Updates are applied regularly, to maintain current patch levels, but they are not automatic.
No scheduling or management of Windows Updates is currently performed.

7. Support Services

We have a person that we call when we have a problem. Sometimes he/she does not get back to us for days. Other times he/she is unable to solve the problems that we have.
One of our employees has some knowledge on PCs. He/she is the go to person for support issues.
We have a dedicated IT person in house that proactively maintains, supports and resolves any Computer/Networking related problem for our company.
No one maintains and supports our environment at this time. There are many issues with our PC/Network and we have no idea how to solve them.

8. Internet Connections

Internet connections are protected by a NAT device, such as a router.
My system(s) are connected directly to the Internet, with no networking equipment (router or firewall) in between.
I don't know how we connect to the internet.
Internet connections are protected by a dedicated Firewall system/appliance.

9. Email Accounts

We use individual email accounts with AOL Yahoo or other Service provider. I'm not sure how to get a domain name or get email accounts.
We have a domain name and we use an ISP to host email. We run into a lot of problems maintaining them. We also have to call them every time we need to make changes and they are not that responsive. I am not sure how to bring email accounts in house.
We have an email server in house. We do not have the expertise to add or delete accounts or manage the server.
We have an email server that I administer. I can change user accounts, and check on available disk space.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you use your browsers BACK button during this process, all selections will be reset.

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