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Data Reduction Technology (DRT)

RemoteVault DRT can reduce the storage requirements of content by several magnitudes, in some cases, delivering in excess of 20X compression. DRT is designed to massively reduce data down to its raw essentials. Unlike traditional compression which typically reduces data to half of its previous size, DRT can reduce standard business data down to a twentieth or less of the original size. This is achieved by chunking files into a small number of fundamental parts.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

With CDP, rather than data being backed up on schedule or on-demand, it is backed up when the protected file is saved to disk, offering constant protection. CDP is offered on the Windows and Linux platforms only. CDP on Windows DS-Clients offers Files system and Exchange email protection. Linux DS-Clients offer File System protection.


RemoteVault eliminates the costs, complexity and security issues related to tape- based backup with its agent-less backup/recovery solution. Customers can choose from 8 to 256 bit encryption. We implement up to AES 256-bit encryption of all data transmitted between the client and the Fortress Storage Center to deliver the second layer of protection. Since monitoring or interception of the data being transmitted would only result in highly compressed and encrypted blocks, access to confidential data captured in transit is not possible.

RemoteVault data is protected with encryption while “in-flight” and “at-rest” ensuring your data is always safe.

Storage Architecture

What separates RemoteVault from all other online providers is its powerful storage backend completely designed at the file system level to manage exabytes of data.  The virtualized architecture behind it is that RemoteVault can infinitely grow performance, capacity, processing, and fault tolerance so that our customers do not experience “oversubscription” bottlenecks. This is why we can take customers of any size. The Fortress Storage Architecture provides unlimited, on-the-fly capacity and bandwidth scalability, so that a single system can meet any current or future storage requirement.  New modules are seamlessly and automatically incorporated into the system, without adding significantly to the administrative load, and without disrupting data availability.  Capacity and performance modules can be added independently of each other. The Fortress Architecture does not have any practical limits on capacity, file size, or number of files.  It can scale transparently to any total capacity, up to 1 Exabyte per system.  Storage space can easily be expanded, through the addition of disks or entire storage arrays. The global file system grows to include the new storage with no intervention on the part of the administrator, and without disrupting user access to data. No other competitor can claim this or even comes close. This is how we keep our prices so low. We can manage thousands of terabytes with a few storage architects.

Bare Metal Restore

The bare metal restore capability allows administrators to quickly recover lost, damaged or corrupted data in a highly streamlined fashion to any bare metal system (at any location throughout the enterprise) without having to manually reinstall operating systems or configure hardware prior to use. RemoteVault‘s bare metal restore allows administrators to restore the complete system on new hardware – regardless of manufacturer – including local data, user profiles, registry/system state, service packs and encrypted files. Unlike other legacy agent-based backup software vendors, this bare metal restore functionality is available to RemoteVault users at no additional cost.

More Than a "Windows Only" Solution

RemoteVault protects: Windows Servers and Machines, Unix, Linux, Netware, Macintosh, IBM AS400 Mainframe, VMWARE, MS SQL, MS Exchange, ORACLE, GroupWise, Lotus, DB2 – RemoteVault can protect them all!

24/7 Self Healing

IT IS ALL ABOUT THE RESTORE! RemoteVault offers an automated method to verify the validity of all backup data, correct any problems encountered with data corruption or logical inconsistencies caused by third-party products and ensure readiness for data recovery. Thru our self healing technology we are able to guarantee that our customers’ data is fully protected and available for immediate online restoration. This feature solves the hidden corruption and data integrity issues that plague tape backup. With tape, you never know if your backup is corrupted, and you won’t know until you try to restore data. 24/7 Self Healing provides an automated way to identify and correct problematic files in backups before a restore would need to take place. This eliminates restore failures.

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